17 December 2012

Trick & Treat (English Lyrics)

Song Author: OSTER Project
Original Vocals: Rin & Len Kagamine


My English Cover (and PV artwork):

Come deeper, come deeper, into this sinister forest where a sweet voice is calling you.
Over here, over here, come on you know you want this curiosity to disappear.
Hurry up, hurry up, get here as quickly as you can for this moment won't last for long.
Get ready, get ready, these fun game events are now about to begin, ready set go!

This cinnamon stick is a wonderful replacement magic wand.
Now imagine you are swimming in a bowl of syrup, it all sounds so sweet!
Don't you dare start thinking about the bad times you've had in the past.
Here take this, it will rid of all the crappy memories.

From now on you'll feel ever so good about these illusions
You can take the blindfold off now if you want to spoil the fun
As you must feel your arms and legs are bound to chains that won't break free
You gave up, don't break the deal, don't even scream...

You see this knife right here? It's an outcast that keeps on flickering doubt and lack of faith.
This love you talk about, is just a figment of your dark imagination, can't you see?
A gap in the blindfold is, showing a lantern that is secret and glowing a crimson red.
Shadows are now growing, I never knew of this before it just makes me feel so frightened.

My oh my what are you doing up so early little miss?
Do I have the right to blind you if your blindfold comes off too early?
Hey you just keep on laughing, you look so cute with that face on.
Let's just carry on with our play, let's rehearse Trick and Treat!

"Hey. That's mine right? Ehe"

Why do you seem so scared of me, you look so vulnerable and weak.
Would you like some milk like you used to get in your fairy tales?
This is my home, where we can feel ever so free and comfortable.
I'll take whatever's in your pockets, so you won't feel guilty no more.

Hand it all over to me, right now, hurry I cannot waste time.
I have no need explain this sweet passion that makes me want all.
This sweetness is like a drug that will make it seem all so fun
Give that to me, just hand it over, quickly!
Give it to me!


  1. thank you very much for posting lyrics,trick and treat is my favorite song of all songs in vocaloid ^^