17 December 2012

Onii Yuukai (English Lyrics - Meltdown Parody)

Song Author: Chanagi-P
Original Vocals: Rin Kagamine, Luka Megurine & Miku Hatsune


I watch as you go up the staircase step by step up and I can tell that something is wrong...
"You can tell me anything if you need", is what I said to you as I head to my room.
Your head hangs low and you hide your face. You wrap your arms around yourself for support.
The only thoughts that have crossed my mind, is that I won't allow other people to have you.

Here in my hand, I have your favorite ice cream
Why don't just take one little bite, it wouldn't hurt would it?
You suddenly begin to smile, all I can do is lick my lips and enjoy...

Brothers bed is where I want to be... Oh I just to want to sleep with you, so dreamy.
That I'd get to look into your blue, glistening eyes.
Then wake up in the morning next to you, it'd be something of a dream,
I cannot wait! My head is spinning fast from just the thought of it!

You stand at the window so alone with the moons' light glowing upon your cool face.
I can't help but keep on staring at you, but you haven't even noticed me.
Should we do something that involves much pain?
Wanna listen to something that will hurt your ears?
It is possible for it all to happen, it would be great to see it all come true.

I had a dream that my hands were tight around your neck.
I just can't wait for it all to happen in reality.
It seems the dream that may be classed as very wrong
Doesn't sound like such a bad idea after all...

Brothers bed is where I'm aiming for, I wish I could dive in the sheets, and then I will
turn the clean white into a deep maroon colour.
That area of skin under your scarf, I'd be able to lick on it, and feel alive
It would seem that I were allowed to do anything that I want.

Your loving hands, wandering round
You meanie, smiling everywhere.
Your singing voice has become the most precious memory in my heart.
It feels like there is a rainbow in my heart...
I cannot stop the urge, brothers moe it's just not fading away.
I cannot stop the urge, brothers moe it's just not fading away.

I had a dream that everyone around me was gone,
I'm left alone in the middle of my room at midnight
I feel a sudden pain jolt through my chest, it seems that I am finding it harder to breathe...

We ventured into the secret room, it sent the chills right down our spines.
And now we realize, that we'll spend the rest of lives down here with your body.
That morning everything seemed just fine, nothing has seemed to change at all.
Isn't it so strange, how nobody else noticed your disappearance.
We can just say, accidents happen.