17 December 2012

Kioku no Umi (School Days ED - English Lyrics)

Anime/Game: School Days
Original Vocals: Naoki Oka

Even at this time, I'm still wishing that these words,
I've repeatedly said to myself will be sent to you.
Someday I know our conflicting thoughts will cross,
In a world that has many times before crashed and burned.

I am wishing to the starry sky, and I am praying to the Earth's heart
And I swear to God, my love will never fade.

All I wanted was you to embrace me too with your selfish arms that you have,
So tightly that I am choking from your love, isn't that what it's all about?
I'm still living for you, seeking for you my love, that's the only reason that I live,
I'm drowning and I'm still alone at the bottom of the ocean of memories...

I wander around, in search of your silhouette,
I am standing in the wavering light that shines so bright
I now want to be surrounded by your gentle warmth
Just one more time before you'll get taken away from me.

The sky is crying whilst it laughs loud, the earth dances along with flowers,
Leaving with only one word; 'Sayonara'.

The one for me is you and will always remain so; the feelings that I cannot turn off,
These words will be washed away by my pure tears, isn't that what love's about?
The one I continue to trust will always lie in you, I can never let go of your warmth
Every time I see you you are smiling inside the ocean of memories.

Our lips make contact and then we feel overlapping heartbeats
And a melting emotion of love that will never be apart from me.

I want you to be mine, to always be mine; that would be my final wish,
To the glistening stars that I can see, if only my dreams could come true.
I will shout and scream till I lose my voice, just to prove that I am standing here
I will always be looking for you in the bottom of the ocean of memories.

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