17 December 2012

Last Night, Good Night (English Lyrics)

Song Author: Livetune
Original Vocals: Miku Hatsune


Soundly asleep, you're dreaming of your love right now.
You've no idea, I watch over you.
Dripping are the, tears that are falling from my eyes
Down my cheeks, they run so smooth.

My true feelings that I am hiding
inside my chest and my heart is holding strong.

Last night, Good night.
Last night, Good night.
The night's so pure,
Your hands in my reach;
I will hold them,
And sleep next to you

It's wonderful, mornings promise to shine again.
Only with you, I want to witness it.
Small hope is all, we'll ever really need at all
Cause miracles, can occur even with that much.

Nothing, tell nothing about these dreams,
Good-bye my darling...? I just can't say that, no!!

Last night, Good night.
Last night, Good night.
Our voices sing,
Until they break.
It's a never ending,
Sweet melody.

Last night Good night
Last night Good night
Someday we will
Meet here again
That's the last moment
I'll ever think about
This night sky can
Makes my wishes come true
The never ending tale
that'll always make us smile.

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