17 December 2012

Prisoner (English Lyrics)

Song Author: Shuujin-P
Original Vocals: Len Kagamine


My English Cover:

At a place so very long ago, a prisoner had fallen for a girl.
A fence was keeping him from being with her, it was tragic, so tragic.

My rights all taken away,
In the depths of persecution.
Your pretty soul compared to my mine,
So different, so distant.
A letter that I wrote for you,
Was then folded to a paper plane.
Release it from my hands to get to you,
It's flying, soaring!

Ah, I will one day be free
From this place that's holding me back.
But that's a lie,
I am certain of that.

You being there on the other side made me feel like I
Had a chance to make all the lies turn to reality.
"So stay by me, come and have a conversation with me",
Even with this I couldn't seem to convey my feelings.
I keep on watching you, with all the time I have, my happiness arise, "I will see you tomorrow".

As the days and months would pass,
The paper pile would keep increasing.
These gifts from you, they make me feel
So alive, so at peace.
That was until that cloudy day,
When you said terrifying words.
That you would have to go away from here
Farewell, goodbye...

Oh, I am always suffering
Yet death still taunts me everyday.
I have never
Cried so much in my life.

You are the one that can always put a smile on my face,
Even though, it is obvious my bad fate is in place.
Though I never knew your name you're the closest one to me,
Making me feel like I had a future worth fighting for.
No longer calling you.
No longer by your side.
There's no escape for me.
There is nothing I can do!

The time has come, this game is now wrapping up.
You are no longer involved with me, no.
I have no mistakes to regret but I,
Can't help but scream inside with all of my might.
I just wanted to have a little more time,
but now I don't even feel any emotion is left.
All that's on my mind is being close to you,
To see you, be with you,
please just, once more!

The days that we spent together cannot be repeated
All the times are now flashing before my very own eyes.
Every single moment I spent with you I'll keep with me,
With a small hope that I can succeed and keep my head up.
Through the endless path of weeds that are feeding the darkness,
There remained one small flower that would always shine the same.
Regardless that we're separated in two different worlds,
Reaching out, I would try to grasp onto the light I saw.

Dear Lord, if this is my final act then I have one wish,
Please just give me the chance to talk to her; just one more time!
In a room where the atmosphere is growing darker yet,
My last cries for savior echoing; I'm a prisoner.

I can no longer breathe,
In broken tears; I'll drown.
And all I really want,
Is to know one little fact...
Who you really were?

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