17 December 2012

Paper Plane (English Lyrics)

Song Author: Shujin-P
Original Vocals: Rin Kagamine


Once long ago in, a faraway place
In a world that was sadly torn in two.
But secretly being intertwined in one little part,
was a paper, plane flying, in the sky...

Once a day I would sneak out of the hospital bed
To see you at my daddies work.
The little trips really meant more than the world to me.
The letters that you wrote me make me feel so tingly, my heart begins to beat so fast.
My face is now blushing, could it be that I'm in love?

But daddy didn't like the feelings that I had,
No longer allowed out, I don't understand, why he has to stop my happiness with you?

You being there for me was enough to convince me
that there is more to life than this disease.
Here I lay in this dull room where no sunlight can shine
The future, that I want, disappears.

For every day that goes by, the tubes begin increasing. It suddenly becomes hard to hear.
My legs becoming weaker, it's harder to escape alive.
The time is making it harder to meet you again but I must see you one more time
Just to reassure you that I really am fine.

I then ran, so that I could say, my last words to you.
It would be the last paper airplane that I send to you, I won't let you see me cry!

I will be waiting here for the day that you return,
No matter how long it will take to come.
Your letters will remain safe and be my hearts one hope.
So I guess, I will see, you soon, right?

It has been a few months since that time
I am no longer able to move.
I guess the last moments from me are approaching soon.
I regret the last time that I saw you...
I should never have acted like I was really okay,
But it's too late for me to try again...
I just wish that I could see you smiling at me one day,
I need you; to see you, just once more!

The flowers petals will fall if it has no sunlight;
It is unfortunately doomed to die.
It would seem that your letters were my only sunshine
They were what kept me alive for all of that time that I had!
Being blinded by my fate I can no longer read them
All I hear are saddened and dying moans in this room.
If this really is how my life is going to end up;
Please just let me, see his face, once again!

Rin: I only lived because you were there by my side those times
Len: You were the one that kept me from losing all my hope
Rin: We were always smiling at each other's faces
Len: It seemed that you were always happy with seeing my face
Rin: Those dark times seem to have overtaken and destroyed us
Len: Those people who tortured me have gone to destroy me
Rin: But those times are now over and we are again as one.
Len: But they're gone and away from us so that we can be one.
I'll see you
At that place that we know!

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