24 January 2013

Answer (English Lyrics)

Song Author: Dixie Flatline
Original Vocals: Luka Megurine

Time is slowly moving forward, since back then my life has been altered,
The days becoming blurred; this melody can be heard.
City lights surrounded our heartbeats, all our wishes and love made us complete.
But then the sun shines through; my world no longer spins with you.

We both knew a time that lies within our hearts but with each tick-tock goes the clock again.
Any of the despair or uncertainty that I had is now running down the drain, with the rain.

As weird as it sounds, my heart still hasn't stopped stinging yet,
It seems like it's reminding me to never forget,
My name being screamed at the top of someone's strained voice;
The shattering glass; this was our heart's hardest choice.

Resounding's your voice, just like thorns, driving me crazy,
Remains of those chains bring me back to reality.
Although it was told, it was fate for us to be apart,
That doesn't stop the sadness thriving in my heart.

Our decision holds no regret, but looking back to when we met,
What could've happened in a universe, where we were less averse?

Passing time revealed a new face to me; a face that I could live with happily.
Who say's love can't hit twice? I've seen it with my eyes.

Ever seen the peace that follows a storm? How the atmosphere suddenly becomes warm?
That's something I can relate, as now my heart can accelerate.

We both live in a world where seasons come and go, hey hey did I hear you calling out for me?
No one should have to go through what we went through, baby, but we'll keep on going on and you'll see...

That no matter what, you're part of my eternity,
For if you were not there, then I couldn't now be me.
I choose to remember the you that kept on smiling,
For if I forget, I'm a fool denying...

That what we once had was only our lives beginnings,
Sure, it may seem sad we couldn't force the feelings.
But no looking back, we have found a way; we are fine,
Although no longer lovers, you're still a friend of mine.

10 January 2013

Rolling Girl (English Lyrics)

Song Author: wowaka
Original Vocals: Miku Hatsune

Lonely girl; she's forever dreaming, to reach the goal she wants to achieve.
She tries so hard, yet it never seems to work. She's going insane, she's going insane.
"It's alright," is murmured in the noise, but it seems that the words gets lost again.
"Don't hold back, never give in."
After all the attempts to avoid mistakes; this chance it spins again!

"One more time, one more time.
I will roll over just one more time."
Then she says, then she says
A group of words that are playing with her emotions.
"Are you okay?"
"Not really, I really don't get why I keep on trying so hard. I want to stop breathing, right now."

Rolling Girl is aiming for the end, the world's so much less colourful now.
So many voices telling her what to do. The words aren't going in, the words aren't going in.
"Don't worry", is just some of the words, that were lost on the way to destruction.
"What point will you be okay? When will you realize what you have already achieved?"
It's makes you want to jump...

"One more try, one more try.
I'll keep on rolling just one more time."
Then the girl said, then the girl said
A message that was overflowing with emotions,
"Are you alright?"
"I'm getting there. Just gimme a little more time and I will be fine. Till then I'll stop breathing, right now."

"Just once more, just once more,
I just wanna try and roll one more time."
But what was then said, but then what was then said
Finally, put a pretty smile on her face.
"Are you better now? It's all alright. I think you'll agree you deserve a rest right now..."
What you said took my breathe away.