30 November 2016

My Silky Heart (ToraDora OP2 - English Lyrics)

Original Artist: Yui Horie
Anime: ToraDora!


(My Silky Love)
It seems whenever I catch a glimpse of you
(My Silky Love)
These feelings in my heart begin to grow
(My Silky Love)
More and more they spiral out of control
(My Silky Love)
Growing so strong that they may overflow...

"I love you", may seem like, the easiest thing to say,
Suddenly, that changes when you are near.
It become, the hardest sentence to pronounce
Oh, why must my heart hold back?

Normally, I'd pull through and shrug off all my problems,
That is just, the way I've always been.
But it seems, no matter, how hard I'm trying
I cannot break the distant between.

I just want you know of my true feelings,
Haven't you noticed that I always gaze in your eyes.
A special message of love? Guess it seems kind of strange...
But I am trying my best to shine!

It's tearing apart, this heart of silk inside me!
I finally see what I never saw before.
You must've noticed too that I am,
Clumsy when love's involved.
(But please forgive me...)

The scars of this love, beginning to hurt again,
I honestly thought the pain would never return.
I realise that someday I'll have to be myself,
And tell you that "I love you" before it starts hurting more.

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