30 November 2016

Choose Bright! (Chu-Bra! OP - English Lyrics)

Original Artist: Minori Chihara, Minako Kotobuki, Sayuri Yahagi and Yoko Hikasa
Anime: Chu-Bra!


All that I like, I’ll give it a hug (Give it a hug!)
This ever-growing heart will start to feel tight (what a sight!)
All of our joy will come bursting out (trouble ensues!)
At the ticket hall, the lights and the gates (yeah!)

Taking a plunge, I’m sure we’ll be fine (Oh it’ll be fine)
With our growing hips, they’ll fit in no time! (Exciting!)
Getting nervous, hearts accelerate (it’s getting too much!)
If it’s in the sun or the rain, our morning’s brightening!

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. you pull a tape measure out!
But when I’m in my uniform, the size will always change!
Just a little like all my dreams, this stuff can’t be predicted!

There is no reason to rationalise. (It’s plain and dull)
For getting stressed about your fear’s not worth your time.
So never complicate things for yourself (it’s such a bore)
It’s never changing the lifestyle for that girl.

I hear it well, there’s the starting bell,
All of those issues that you had are now gone, here we go!

We are delicate and dynamic pre-teenagers.
Hidden motives that a lightly frilled – why would you want to mix them all up?        

All that I like, I’m reaching out for (I wanna be sure!)
Softly is the sound, my heartbeat will pound! (so gently)
Sparkling bright the submissive splurge (experimental)
Sitting in our class, the clubs has begun (anywhere)

Taking a plunge, I’m sure we’ll be fine (Oh it’ll be fine)
Exhilarating with a hip and hop (it’s funny)
Let it all out; the braveness inside (and shine with your might)

We will never fight it, for I’m too excited, all the time of every day,

We must choose bright things!

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