30 November 2016

Fantastic Dreamer (KonoSuba! OP - English Lyrics)

Original Artist: Machico
Anime: KonoSuba (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!?)


My English Cover:

Come on, I’ll show you the world!
Oh yeah! The bells are ringing as the day begins.
We’re fantastic dreamers!

The future tells of an unfairness that was placed into our hands.
So jump up and get ready. Are you prepared to take it all on?

So take your time, don’t dwell upon clock;
It’s up to you to believe in your heart's own rhythm as you match the beat inside.

And as the rhythm of our life bounces, it’ll be alright ya know?
Now let’s go, let it flow, we’ll believe!

In such a wonderful world!
Come on! As the melody rings out, our quest has now begun!
Take a breath and keep your head up with your might!

So let’s go, we’ll grow, just keep on fighting; face the level.
Stand your ground, surpass the boundaries,
By your side, I’m holding your hand.
We’ll be fine, we’re fantastic dreamers!

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