29 November 2011

When Love Ended For The First Time (English Lyrics)

Song Author: ryo (Supercell)
Vocals: Miku Hatsune


My English Cover:

(My lyrics had a slight twist to them, in that I translated 'arigatou sayonara' to different languages rather than just english :P Just a bit of originality there...)

I remember my very first kiss, it triggers tears to fall from my eyes.
It seemed just like a love drama I had seen,
Almost as if it's following a script, I sensed the end would come when the bell... rang.

I feel the winter wind brush against, my flustered cheeks.
Looking down, I make a sigh and rubs my hands close together.
The city lights illuminating the, scenary around me, as if they were magical and make the trees sparkle in the night.
It seem that I cannot admit to my, heart's once true feelings. I just swallow my words.
This is how life will be like from now, so I guess I shouldn't let it get me down, it's alright now it's over.

Thanks for all and goodbye to you.
This is the fate that I suspected, but I must keep on moving or I may remember the pain.
So I guess, merci et au revoir.
I'm trying so hard to hold back my tears.
And so that moment when I felt the pain arise...
I looked up and then I saw the snow, falling from a never ending night sky.

I make my way to the station, and then I see a couple that appear so close.
"Hey look, it's snowing. So beautiful!"
I can't help but envy the scene I see, they just look so happy.
I guess I'll wrap up warm in, this muffler I made for you.
What would you do if I gave it to you? I can't help wonder, I guess this shows up my fears.
But I will keep it close to me, and create new memories with it so I can live this new life you gave me.

Danke und auf wiedersehen
I sensed this time would approach me soon, it just felt so weird after everything we went through.
Or is it... obrigado e adeus
ending for all of the wrong reasons.
The train will be approaching in a little while.
Sudden bursts of tears begin to flow, as it gets closer to stopping...

I just want to know, why it all had to end so quickly...
My hands, empty, I'm shivering, hey, why is it so damn hard, to say goodbye to you?

So this is the end, I guess I knew that it was coming. I just wanted to hold on to you a little more...
Then again, you let go as if it were all worth nothing.
It feels so wrong, not able to say that 'I love you'.

Arigatou sayonara
I find myself not able to speak, I just want to scream out loud, my feelings to you.
"You know, I..!"
But then I realise there's no point, for our distance won't return to zero.
Is it okay for me to cry them out instead?
I feel my words are pointless so, I'll forget them and live my life anew!

I wonder what my future has awaiting me,
You may no longer be here, but I can safely say I'm glad you once were...

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