28 November 2011

Leia (English Lyrics)

Song Author: Yuyoyuppe
Vocals: Luka Megurine (VOCALOID)


Akiakane Cover:

All I really need is to hear your voice, singing out to me; erase this heartache.
So I will create a canvas of lies, let me meet this masterpiece please,

I feel that I have reached the end, it's all just an illusion.
"How should I be feeling now?," in this heat that I feel in my heart.
I prevented the mocking laughter, from eating away at my mind,
I made sure it was locked away, could this mean, my future will always be grey?

In a fantasy I wanted to live in;
It all revealed to be just a great lie.
So if you want to see the real me,
just call my name.

Embedded in my heart, is my love for you. There is just no stopping to this

When I hear your voice, I feel esctasy, yet it seems so distant to me.
Whether you exist or not I don't care, whether you wistand all my emotions,
I don't need my eyes to see what love is, just hold me tight in your arms,

These illusions won't fade away, they are mocking everything I believe.
"But what should I refer you to?" turns out those words are echoeing in


This eternity that we exist in,
is slightly calming down my breath.
It's managed to turn the world upside down,
it's making me feel so wrong.

I sense the moment when the clock stop ticking, the World we live in will eventually fall.
All the words we once said have no meaning, they were told only with one hope.
Never stop laughing and smiling for me, always have a dream; a wish to pray for,
If none of this is reaching out to you, then perhaps you should just kill me...

All I really need is to hear your voice, singing out to me; erase this heartache.
This canvas I built overflows with lies, I'll bury it along with you!
If I find a way to hide all of the, evidence that you and I existed,
I will then proceed to burn everything, destroy all that I can see,

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