28 November 2011

Adult's Toy (English Lyrics)

Song Author: UtsuP
Vocals: Rin Kagamine (VOCALOID)


My English Cover:

There's never ever, been a single light, that was gleaming love on me,
There's no real point, in trying to find, where my happiness has ran to.
When it gets too much, I flip the box, toys; scattered everywhere,
I open my eyes, seeing the mess, I cannot help but smile.

Heavily breathing,
Fake the sensation.

Beaten and traumatized by all your actions,
Can't save myself, I'm like a baby toy.
A sudden wetness, the rain pouring down.
It feels like it is running all across my back.

Once all harm is done, the liar catches their breath,
I'm put into a state, empty mind.
Time stops, the pain really begins to hit me,
Hatred stained with an unpleasant black.

Hey, I've found a toy I shouldn't have, being held in my palm,
Taking all control from you with the body that you harm.
I can sense your body shaking, it feel indescribable,
Constant scratching at the wounds on me that have yet to heal.
All the tragic, hurtful words you said to me, are piercing right through my chest deeper,
Than a knife ever could!

My eyes; they meet, the sight of life, adults live outside these walls,
It's all just pain, and suffereing, a traumatic sight to see.
This world inside, I call my life, the closet doors are closed,
It's clear to me, from what I see, this is my sanctuary.

Distorted way to think,
Losing my mind.

Looking deep into the shredded heart I have,
Memories come with the scars you left upon me.
Only one word would trigger a reaction;
That one negative word,
I want to "disappear."

No sunlight will be able to enter the room,
All your hopes and dreams will be destroyed.
Shadows slowly become my companions
A never-ending darkness.
I feel no guilt.

Fun to play with toys,
The adult world toys.
A living toy in my arms,
Remains a useful toy.

Fun to play with toys,
The adult world toys.
A living toy in my arms,
Is quite a sad idea indeed...

Hey, I've found a toy I shouldn't have, holding it in my hand,
I will use it to, split and destroy this hideous feeling.
I will try to clean up my act and finally be free,
Even though this darkened hatred is unlikely to fade.
Am I the only one who see this mayhem?
The impact and size of your cruel intentions,
I can't help but keep feeling this pain only I know.
So keep on ripping, keep on stabbing!
It's the only way I can feel!

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