28 November 2011

Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance (Stalker) (English Lyrics)

Song Author: MachigerītaP
Vocals: Miku Hatsune (VOCALOID)


My English Cover:

It would seem, that I was born to meet you,"In love" was what I was destined to be.
Mumbleng that "you will soon love me too", hideing and tucked away behind these walls.
I'm searching for all of your information, refusing to let you know of my desires.
Just a touch, a stroke of your face my love, my hearts pounding from just the thought of it.

Oh my my, it seems that you've brought a guest home?
Well isn't she an adorable one.
Could it be that you have feelings for this girl?
Guess I'll have to grab her and end her little life.

In the flames, they will burn; photographs of her face;
I bet she's regretting meeting you...
I'll allow you to do, everything you want to me.
For I love you so much, can't you see my sweetheart?

I'll make you mine; you'll belong to me. Can you not see, I need you near me.

What's with the depression, why the crying? Please don't tell me that it's because of that girl...
If that's the case then I guess I'll just prepare, this flimsy old box that will become your grave...

A gift that I want to give to you, I'm sure you will love it oh so much.
A little kitten head dripping with fresh blood, I can tell that you're a cat lover right?

In the flames, I will burn; photographs of that girl;
It's funny how she no longer lives...
"I love you" becomes such an overused phrase...
All it does is make me feel ever so sick...

"I'm telling you, my love for you, will last untill the day that we die..."

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