28 November 2011

Alluring Secet ~Black Vow~ (English Lyrics)

Song Author: HitoshizukuP
Vocals: Rin & Len Kagamine (VOCALOID)


My English Cover:

A fallen angel that owned no wings to fly,
Who chose to rely on a promise with the Devil.
It was so tragic, how the story began;
Only to be destroyed for this feeling they call love.

The angel strayed with her heart shattered to dust,
Slowly stumbleing around the lonely town.
It was then that she met a pretty girl,
She owned the most enchanting eyes that she had ever seen.

Their eyes had met, taking only moments to
See that the angel had fallen for the girl, and thus her
Feelings slowly began to grow inside of her,
She took the risk and opened Pandora's box.

She longed for the chance to own the forbidden fruit, they say of,
She tries to hide the risks behind her smile.
"If you want an angel to have the chance with a human being,
You'll have to sacrifice all that you have
Ever been and stood for."

"I will rid of my heart if I really have to,
For I only wish that I could live with and love you.
Without hesitation I will cut off my wings,
and let the Devil take his control over me."

The brides' heart was stained an unpleasant black,
She made her way to a place where she can pray.
It was there that she came across a boy,
His eyes told a tragedy even through his smile.

Their eyes had met, taking only moments for
The confused girl to fall deeply in love with the boy.
The feelings began to grow inside of her heart,
She took his hand, betraying the life that she lead.

What they held in their hands could be what lead to their fates
Tightly grasping the fruit of lust that they desired.
The flame had been ignited and they found themselves going insane,
Not even their purest vows could stop them from
Being named sinful!

"All of the memories that we've had in the past
Have parted and vanished into thin air around us.
No point in regretting or feeling sorry for,
I now have you, all to myself, I love you so."

Ah~ the sins have been commited
Continouslly scratching at the wounds that have yet to heal again.
It had proved too much and thus an arrow of hate,
Was launched only to shoot right through the brides' heart...

(Speach) My dear, lying cold
I will spend all my life for you as I swore on that day.
My sin against God...
All my acts of treachery should be paid by my death,
so I will die for you...
I believe that's my fate. (/)

The fallen angel with no wings left to fly,
Rebelled against the deal that she had made with the Devil.
Sacrificing her life to save the one she loved,
Leaving only a feather and thus deciding her fate.
She confessed all of her sins...
And then she disappeared!

The fallen angel that no longer owned wings,
Along with the black stained-hearted and sinful bride.
Though they've fallen into the darkest of dreams,
They hold onto a promise, a vow that they once made.

Knowing what they've done is an unforgivable sin.
The moment when the fruit of sin finally decays,
They can be reunited but not until that one day...

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