3 October 2012

Anata ga...Inai (School Days ED - English Lyrics)

Anime/Game: School Days
Original Vocals: Minami Kuribayashi


My English Cover:
Smiling, oh so nervously,
My lips dare not say these words,
The scenery around me blurs.

You were the one I called out to then, hoping to become friends.
Dazzling were your eyes, they just seemed so pure.
Closer to you was all I ever wanted in the world,
Pretending not to notice the pain I was really going through.

Is there anyone, you've really chose your feelings for?
That one special girl you'll always remain with?
But it's obvious, you're playing around with more than one girl...
Reality begins to cut me deep.

Smiling, oh so nervously,
My lips trembling soft words,
I look down to the floor to hide my tortured tears.
You never planned to see me.
You are never here for me.
I pray to God to see you soon but this distance can't be repaired.

Exchanging the blessed words in our hearts, that's all I'd ever wanted.
Wrapped and held by your gentle gaze, from those tender eyes.
Sadly, I am frightened of the true, emotions in my heart
So I'll softly offer you, anything you desire.

I've only ever dreamed, of becoming you're shining star.
The memories of which we once cherished are gone.
I wish I could remind you but I cannot reach you over there
When did this fear in my heart grow so large?

Though it's destiny for us, to eventually break apart.
I kept believing that this, love would never end.
You no more exist to me.
You sadly betrayed me.
I didn't want to accept that, I kept on holding on to you

Tears descending from my eyes
Words are fading to no more.
These memories in my heart, won't ever break apart.
This is truly how love can, take it's turn into the worst.
It makes you feel so wrongly lost, I can't help but make a lonely sigh.

I'm standing here feeling so wrong...but I still love you oh so much.

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