12 October 2012

1925 (English Lyrics)

Song Author: T-POCKET
Original Vocals: Miku Hatsune


My English Cover:

Smoothly getting moving, tension is building,
The plans, I made, they all came true.
The questions are repeating, confessions of no meaning,
The hate, the hate, pinned down on you!

Without much effort, I'm suddenly alone,
I ask of you to stop this all, to bring an end to it.

You can sell anything at all in the world,
All has a price and a value's worth.
Put a price onto it and watch it fade it away,
For there is no feeling when money's all it's worth.

If you took a quick glance, to see yourself during dance,
You'd hate to see the you you have become.
Then suddenly you realise, you saw it with your own eyes,
Regret, it comes and goes again.

Spot the difference between these persisting lives,
Just there, right there, can you recognise the similarities?

Chew me like the chewing gum you couldn't help buy,
Then throw the tasteless, used remains.
As the puzzle pieces form into one whole,
See the plans foretold we would fit all along.

It ends with blunt rain falling from the sky,
I throw the anchor that holds me down to the ground...
Life is an adventure that we must try,
Get used to regret for this will forever be your sin...

I'll let you know three things that you may meet;
Satisfaction, knowing right, a law you can't cheat.
If there is a wall that to climb would be too hard,
Take your time and walk around, you'll be okay...

Then the words, left my lips; "what is love?"
Softly you would answer the words of truth,
"Love is something that we give, but hate is just a whore"
So if that's the truth, that's not what I'm looking for.

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