11 June 2016

Pre-Parade! (ToraDora OP1 - English Lyrics)

Original Artist: Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie and Eri Kitamura
Anime: ToraDora!


My English Cover:

Prepare! Pre-preparation!
I may be tiny but you will fear me...
Prepare! Pre-preparation!
Cause it doesn’t matter for I will catch you!

Pure-purepa, pure-purepa, pure-purepa, pure-come and get it!
Pure-purepa, pure-purepa, pure-purepa, PI PI POPIPO!!

You will need to pay attention to me,
otherwise you'll find you can no longer see.
I may be small but I will crush you;
you are as small as a flea in my palm.

Forever longing to own a strong, plastic heart inside (what a plus, what a plus, but it's a minus too!) But where’s the fun at, who could argue that; it wouldn’t be so fun if I always won!

Falling deep in love is something that's bittersweet.
Full of fun and complexity; you just can't compete.
Worrying, all the time, all around; don’t get caught in the heat.
So what'dya think? How does it feel?

Gentle, kind,eccentric; is how I see you!
I’ll stand up tall, though I am small; I need to get through!
I’ve just got to be honest to me, before I undo,

And my pain begins to flow, pain that you already know, I’ll prepare for these feelings.
Spins around inside my head, feelings have yet to be said, I’m prepared for most anything.

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