3 August 2016

Jekyll & Hyde (English Lyrics)

Original Artist: Miku Hatsune & IA
Song Creator: EruP/L


As I fall to ecstasy, a girl I see looks down on me.
My heart beats as o
ur eyes meet… she looks like me.
“You’ve done well, this pretty shell; so break away, you’ll become my doll”
“Take my hand, you’ll understand. We’ll break these chains.”

Then suddenly, my vision’s fluttering.
Could it really be, is this everything?
Sharing the me, I’ve never seen…
Take a step and kill the one that I loved.

 “Since when was this anything that I’d want?”
 “Oh, I’m fairly sure you will never daunt!”
 “Make a move! Take a step! Hurry up! And leave me alone!”
 “You’re still yearning, sadness burning; so let’s have some fun!”

 “I can tell that you wanted this all along.”
“And what if you are the one that is wrong?”
 “I know… I know… I know… I know your desires.”

 “The way he betrayed your kindness.”
”You couldn’t accept forgiveness.”
“Don’t you see…?”
“Could it be…?”

What remains of all my pains; I wear a dress of hypocrisy.
Is this a lie? Just one big lie? What will become of days ahead?

Look what we found, echoing and come unwound.
Now they resound; flying high above the ground.
Bearing the crime, will I be fine?
You’re trembling… you drift throughout the dark…

“Our Lord above, I wonder which side they’ll judge?”
 “This is all my fault for holding a grudge.”
“That’s enough! Quite enough! Won’t you stop!”
It’s nauseating!
 “How long until you stop being my precious puppet?”

 “I have made a decision to play my part”
“No matter your words; I will own your heart”
 “Break apart. Fade away. The dismay… Make a pact suicide.”

But here at the end of our hatred,
Could this be a love we created?
"Beloved…" "Beloved…"

So tell me now…
 “Who is it that I’ve become?”
So tell me now…
 “Are you the one I know?”
Give me a kiss, filled with truth and all of our lies,
Witness the birth of everything…

“Since when was this anything that I’d want?”
 “Oh, I’m fairly sure you will never daunt!”
 “Make a move! Take a step! Hurry up! Speed it up!!”
“Quickly… End my life for me.”

 “I’ve been living without knowing any of this”
 “Such a passionate climax I cannot miss!”
 “This warmth. So deep. It’s strong. It’s strong. So strong. So strong!”

 “Truth is you mean more than the world to me!”
 “I’ll be the one to destroy all we see!”
Break apart. Tear apart. Fall apart. Pull apart.
Obliterate it all till nothing remains!

 “I’m gasping for air as I can’t breathe. I cannot bear to be without you!”
"I love you so…" “I love you so…" “Only you… only you… ahhhhh!”

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