2 May 2016

You (Shuffle! OP - English Lyrics)

Original Artist: YURIA
Anime: Shuffle!


My English Cover:

Many words that describe the feelings inside my heart
I hope I can tell you them, SOMEDAY!!

This overflowing passion is making my heart beat faster
I just don't know how to start... How'd it end up like this?
I cannot help but notice, these feelings aren't fading
And I cannot keep lying to you any longer...

I can tell that even if we met under completely different circumstances,
it wouldn't matter; I know my heart would still remain the same.

I give my gratitude to God for giving me strength
and the chance to be standing here by my true loves side.
I want to have the right to be forever gazing at,
your face and it's purity!

All the time that is spent with you makes me feel so strong
Whether it's in the shining summer or the pouring rain!
These feelings are now almost ready to burst out loud
I hope I can tell you them, SOMEDAY!

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