12 May 2012

Happy Cosmos (DearS ED - English Lyrics)

Song Author: Poppins
Anime: DearS


My English Cover:

Lets go!
Tomorrow will be happy!
Go go!
Abosolutley happy!

Everybody come and see the Happy Cosmos
Did you sense the sweet feelings that are coming from our hearts?
Whether it's just natural or coincidental.
Let's all jump and fly about within the Happy Cosmos!
There's no way to stop us now
And if we make some mistakes, we will not worry!

That's because we would get through it somehow
It's all about having fun, YEAH YEAH, that's what I wanna hear!
Is that okay?

We are searching for more fun, is it in the sky up above?
We will keep strong and climb high, 321, now let's jump up!
The map of the future can't be found if we do not believe
So lets keep our heads up high, with a big smile, and lets walk forward right now!


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