4 March 2012

Romeo & Cinderella (English Lyrics)

Song Author: doriko
Original Vocals: Miku Hatsune


My English Cover:

I beg of you to not let my, romance turn into a tragedy like Juliets'
Please take me far away from here...
That's all I ask of you.

I say goodnight to my moma and my papa
I wish for them to have many sweet dreams tonight.
But nows the time, the grown-up's all go to bed.
I taste the sweet caramel of these illusions
Crossing my legs to hide my innocence.
Wondering... how far will end up tonight?

Please don't hurt or bite me, treat me nicely please.
I don't wanna taste no bitterness.
This may be a result of growing up on my mothers' sweet cooking.
If there's anything I don't know, won't you just hold me tight
Whilst I figure out what's going on in my heart.
Show me all that you have and I'll show you what I can,
give to you in return for your love.

I've longed for a love just like Cinderella's,
Even if I have to run in just my uniform.
If I only I could, freeze time with some black magic.
Before the demons and villains can begin to stop me.
I want to escape just like Juliet did,
But please do not call me by that hateful name, no.
I do believe, we are connected by fate
Please put your trust in me or I'll get the wrong idea.
My love, won't you please believe me?

Apply mascara for a more mature looking me,
even if this is a sin for a girl like me
I promise I, will behave tommorrow.
This borderline made of only black satin lace,
Has been broken, now nothing protects that place
I wonder if... we'll loose all control tonight.

It's weird how I fell for you, yet I'm the one in pain
Oh this love is too much to just leave alone.
It's a shame that my daddy won't ever think you are the one for me.
He's held me by a collar tightly, refuseing to let go.
And yet you've never given up on me once.
So run away with me, you're my only Romeo,
Let's break the collar and run!

Just like in Cinderella the bells will ring,
I drop my glass slipper upon the castle stairway.
Be sure to find me and never let go,
Hurry up before somebody else catches me.
I'm sure Cinderella was lying too, there's no way it could've accidently fallen off.
I'm just the same, I'm avoiding a bad ending.
I just wanna be embraced in your loving ways
I promise I will always remain by your side.

Do you realise what is exactly within my heart as of now?
Can you see the overflowing passion and desire, won't you please tell me?
If you think it's not enough then why don't fill me with more of your love?
You may just fill it to the brim, and be unable to remain there any longer.
But then you would mean nothing to me!

Since birth we're told happiness lies within
The smaller box but I have chosen the bigger one
Oh help me God, to find a way to shrink it
Or I may just end up dissappointing him.

My mum and dad haven't a care in the world
They won't advise me on what to do with my life.
They've disowned me, for that I cannot blame them.
It's only my own fault, for losing my golden axe.

The girl who lied so much was Cinderella
I even heard that she got eaten by a bad wolf.
How will I ever make up for my actions
I just don't wanna be, the dish of the hungry wolf
I beg of you to save me from this fate.

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