28 March 2012

Kuusoo Mesorogiwi (Mirai Nikki OP - English Lyrics)

Song Artist: Yousei Teikoku
Anime: Mirai Nikki (Opening Song 1)


My English Cover:

Olympian Gods: Juno, Jupiter,
Minerva, Apollo, Mars, Ceres,
Mercury, Diana, Bacchus,
Vulcan, Pluto, Vesta, Venus

Eyes rapidly wander around, amidst all the sleeping bodies.
Breaking a smile in this place that's unholy, intertwining between dreams and their meanings.
Constantly pushing their way into this life, suddenly our fates become entangled.

Running by the hands of a high Lord; a special program.

Now, eins, zwei, drei. We will now synchorinize.
Now, eins, zwei, drei. Find the way to cheat death.
Seize the day in this, miracle life,
Continuing life, thrive on your courage.
Survival game!

We're falling into doom.

Keep wandering silly fool, believe you deserve more than this current life.
Take it from me I believed the tales too, there will soon be a paradise for you.
Please believe me.

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