22 August 2015

Kinjirarete Asobi (Rozen Maiden OP - English Lyrics)

Original Artist: ALI PROJECT
Anime: Rozen Maiden (Season 1)


My English Cover:

You will wear this collar of red rose, keep the silver chain in your teeth.
Tonight someone else will certainly die – You are truly such a cruel thing!
On your knees, kneel down before me; licking up the bitter drop of this love.
A calming blue dressage, performed for the angels!

Long ago, I was imprisoned to a coffin with a name tag; my heart continues beating.
In the moonlight, they tore away at my wings and soaked them, that's when I would be reborn!
It's more than the dark; loneliness is that which I fear.
As we sit under the Cross, let us indulge in what we've learnt; the proof of our unity!

This is it, remove the rose handcuffs, together we'll cross our white wrists.
Don't you see, that we're a miracle-- You are so beloved to me!
Get down your knees and tell me, words of the painful love that I see,
The arabesque remains red, staining the bandages of gauze!

Tell me you love me, though it's prohibited.
Tell me you love me, though it is a sin.
Seal it with a kiss, these forbidden lips!

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