18 July 2015

Toki Wo Kizamu Uta (English Lyrics - TV Size)

Original Artist: Lia
Anime: Clannad After Story


My English Cover:

Once upon a time, we would wander, slowly down those steep hills,
Now the sun is shining so brightly, seeping through the gaps in the trees.
Now I stand here in this, space all by myself,
Letting our memories, full of warmth surround me with love.

You are my whole world.... you mean the world to me....
For my love grows for you.
As my eyes tear up from this gentle wind,
I just hope you will stay.

I promise that I, will never forget, no matter what could, happen to our home,
This precious feeling, one special feeling, though it is only, one small simple thing.
I will never let, this beautiful thing, fall out of my hands, I will show you first,
From this day today, onto forever, it remains in my heart.

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