11 November 2013

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui (Watamote OP - English Lyrics)

Anime/Game: Watamote
Original Vocals: Konomi Suzuki and Kiba of Akiba


Just another typical day is starting
Watching as everybody is staring at me.
Some days can be so fantastic as I go by unnoticed!
(Listen to me.)

What was felt back in the day before is
a promise of the future, did you say?
I can't stand it when you class me as a
Normal human being like you!

So just carry on living out your life,
Ignoring the fact I even exist.
The day will come, where someone will
Hold out their hand!

I'll push them out, get away from me!
Get out! Get out! Just leave me be!

Living in an age where dreams are meaningless,
Has let me see the light!
Used to wonder whether I'd become
The girl that the whole world would know, but no.

Even if you're famous, you will never stop,
Going on, wasting life!
There is no use in fighting the darkness!
Get better! Get better!
Spread your word! Spread your word!

See you again in a future that is brand new!

I don't care what anybody says to me, it's your fault that I am not cool!

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