11 November 2013

Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai (Attack On Titan ED - English Lyrics)

Anime: Attack On Titan
Original Vocals: Yoko Hikasa

My English Cover:

Following the dreams that your heart is yearning for,
Do you realize they are more precious than your life?
You can try to run but they'll come right back to you,
So sleep in peace for now.

This rage inside is building stronger now,
Finding a way to destroy my dreams.
Before the day when they fade away,
I will remember them once more.

This world is so beautiful, yet it bares a tale of pure tragedy,
As the days are passing by, we start to question why..
Is it that we lived, that we tell this tale, what to protect?
Though we try to be our very best, do we really understand what's going on?

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