7 October 2013

Two Breaths Walking (English Lyrics)

Song Author: Deco*27
Original Vocals: Miku Hatsune


My English Band Cover:

"On the first page of this story on my life, it holds the start of something very huge."

My only wish; to hold you close, this lonely feeling never goes,
As I continue to feel alone, I sync your breathing with my own.

I'll say "Mama, today I met someone who means the world to me."
"That's great to hear..."

So let us, see who is the one providing,
Subsistence; giving you life's great sweets.
Has it been enough time passed for
you to notice the words I've said?

"Papa, Mama, Niina... I am growing oh so fast.
Think it's time I left the nest," but wait, how very odd?

As I run towards you; my footsteps are strong,
I start to wonder what is wrong?
As these arms that I have open for you are only causing you pain.

It would seem, that the words, that I've learnt, pierce you, like a knife, digging deep,
in your heart, like it's sending you to sleep.

"Well, since you can talk and snap those words at me,
With those, lips on your face; would it be a mistake
To keep them closed and connect with mine?"

I'll use this kiss to prove that you are not alone,
You are now breathing along with me.
The words you ignorantly throw at me
have dissolve into my saliva.

Now's the time, to sync our breathing,
Try to say, "I love you too", baby!
The day when those words leave your lips, we'll be
Forever together!

We'll be connected forever.
Our breaths will no longer differ.
And I will hold your hand,
Until the day when we cannot breathe.

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