9 August 2012

Spice! (English Lyrics)

Song Author: minato
Original Vocals: Len Kagamine


My English Cover:

4AM in the morning, I hear the melody on my phone ring,
I answer it to hear a voice asking me who I'm with.
I tell you 'I promise you, you're the only one I can be with.'
Guess it's a little white lie, but I just want so much more.

"I'll hold your body ever so close to mine"
We know it's wrong but we crave for more.
That hot, intense sensation blowing through our minds.

Caught in the heat, so lustful, my bitter SPICE.
I pleasure you, I can tell by the look on your face.
Baby, the way you taste is making my heart beat extra fast...
Don't hold back your screams now...
Let's have some fun.

Over the phone you say, "I want you to see you, hurry my way."
You sound so keen to entertain me tonight. Once again.
As cruel as it may be, you'll never really mean much more to me.
Just try, you'll be denied, to make your way to my heart.

Don't blame me if I say that I "love" you,
It's just the way that I'm using you,
To play this game, I can never break this winning streak.

This love syrup, is just way too sweet for me.
You give your all, I just take it without meaning more.
Our bodies touch, I now know how every part of you tastes,
The tension is rising, I'm satified.

I know it's wrong but I don't quite know how to love.
My only guess, is that the lust has taken control.
It may seem great, but what is this sharp pain striking through my chest?
For now I'll avoid it, I don't need love.

Hey, feel free to taste this SPICE that I have
I'll close my eyes and let you explore my body.
It may seem wrong that you are infactuated with my taste,
But it brings you closer, your love for fun.

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  1. thanks so much! i know your cover is old (like 3 years) but i recently discovered it and i absolutely LOVE it! is it okay if i use these lyrics.. i'll give you credit don't worry.. thanks ~