22 August 2012

Ah! A Cat's Wonderful Life (English Lyrics)

Song Author: Nem
Original Vocals: Len Kagamine & GUMI


Such a lovely, cute and young lady cat that I've found,
How your fur is gleaming could make any heart pound.
Underneath the starry night, the moon's a shining light,
How would you like to come and play with me tonight?

For a cat has only one chance to live,
So why not spend it with fun and be active?
That collar round your neck is teasing me,
I could bite it off with my teeth happily.

I love my life as a stray! Nyan nyan nyan!
I can steal all the fish and go chasing after birds.
Looking from the rooftop I watch workers,
Whilst I lay there in a doze, such an easy life for me.

Won't you come and join me, miss? Nyan nyan nyan!
I can show you all the ropes and you'll meet so many friends.
Now, now, open up the window, just trust me,
And pounce fearfully.

My my, Mr.Stray, so carefree.
Your eyes shine in the night staring at me.
I see you don't hesistate, I hear you hiss,
but luckily I am not a very naive miss.

For a cat has only one life they get,
So I choose to live this life as a pampered pet.
I guess you do not even have a clue,
how much this collar's brand can cost, do you?

I'm a graceful lady. Meow meow meow
I eat delicacy and sleep on a bed of dreams.
Having baths can be quite bothersome,
But I'll have them anyway so I'm sparkley and clean.

When comparing you and me. Meow meow meow.
Is there anything protecting you from evil out there?
By the time tomorrow rolls round you might end up,
Running for your life!

I must admit that your stubborn act is charming me,
The more I play with you, I feel my heart become happy...

My my, you're so sudden, why must you be like that?
I am not such an easy cat.

I have a dream, ya know? Nyan nyan nyan.
To get out of this town, I will say goodbye to it.
To travel to a distant Northern land,
And see the aurora lights with my eyes.

If you were there, my lady, nyan nyan nyan.
It would make my travel even more worth the while.
But I guess you're never going to leave here...

This is my lifestyle, meow meow meow
It's a little too complicated to change me.
As I have a little girl keeping me,
To leave would be such a heartless thing to do.

Hey, I'm still talking! Meow meow meow!
Leaving mid-conversation, why run away from me?
I guess I wouldn't mind if you turned up tomorrow,
I will wait again for you!

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