4 November 2015

Connect (Madoka Magica OP - English Lyrics)

Original Artist: Claris
Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica


I will not forget the moment we made a promise,
I’ll hold it dear and then close my eyes.
I’ll go ahead, no matter what darkness follows; I will ascend!!

When will the day return when skies are clear again?
As I lost my grip, the future became just a dream out of reach…
The years went by; the shadows grew along with me,
But I’ll keep on fighting on; along this path the world hands me.

As the time flies by, the clocks begin to chime; as they sound the beginning of our new world.
But no matter what, I will not be afraid; I’ll use my feelings to open up that door!

Now’s the time to start; I’m running. My heart is chasing the future that is shining so bright!
I’ll never stop, even if the path ahead pauses all of time!
As I look above to the sky, I see a bright new blue,
It’s clear now; we’ll definitely see this through…

I’ll never give up the fight! We’ll be alright!

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