28 February 2015

Shangri-La (English Lyrics)

Game: Corpse Party
Original Vocals: Asami Imai


My English Cover:

"As long as we all have a little piece of Sachiko with us, we'll always be connected with one another as friends."

It's been long, hasn't it? Since our journey began...
That promise that we made, the day when you and I met.

If given the choice I would rather rot in an ark and throw myself
Over and drown, I'd rather sink within the tides of beautiful lies!

I need you here but you're nowhere near.
I wonder where you have gone?
I'll run from it, I'm not ready yet to see and discover the truth.

This requiem is echoing
with screams of birds without their wings;
They cannot fly away.
Shangri-la within my heart...

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