15 September 2014

Delusion♥Express (Otorimonogatari OP - English Lyrics)

Anime: Otorimonogatari
Original Vocals: Kana Hanazawa


My English Cover:

My mind became delusional, it's getting out of hand,
I'm on the train to see you now, I hope that you will understand.

Excuses here, excuses there; it's getting kinda hard.
Don't you see it's destiny that love can catch your heart off guard!

If it's true that my love for
You won't progress no more.
Then I think I'll sleep and let the days just fade away.

When I'm lost, not in the know,
Close my eyes and let it go.
Wish upon the stars at night, they're so adorable!

If the world won't be the way I want it,
Then I don't even need a little bit.
I just want to have a little something;
All, I want it all, I want it all.

But a world that it isn't what I dreamed of,
Is in fact impossible, my love!
The only thing that I could ever need is;
All, I want it all, I want it all.


Lyrics loosely based from: http://haiiro-no-suiyoubi.tumblr.com/post/77973792231

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  1. Very cool translation and performance; lovely voice! :)