5 January 2014

6,900,000,000 (English Lyrics)

Song Author: kyutn
Original Vocals: Miku Hatsune


My English Cover:

I pick up the telephone and dial the call, to hear their mail,
All I hear is whispering, "is this a joke?" followed by laughs.
Going through these messages, so many voices, the machine is full,
I just sigh, I am an ear; their prays I hear, I am their God.

Spending days listening to their special words;
their hopes, their dreams, their hatred.
It becomes a little too much for me,
Silence, on my phone; that's enough!

No longer is my voice available,
To hear all their cries out to me.
Nothing's changed; they still do not listen up,
The phone still rings all the time.

On that day, when I quit on listening to them, I was so glad,
No more work; my mind wring dry. I'll end this joke, with no punchline.
As they start to fade away, the people say "do you not care?"
For their sake, I grab my phone and listen in, I can't leave them.

I've not got a clue what you're yelling for, spitting at me; many words
The voices I heard long ago have changed; hoping, repeating, no longer,
As the words you throw right at me are received, they sink into me and my heart,
No more faith, no more trusting in my ears; you slam down the phone on me.

6.9 billion messages, were left for me to listen to.
From now on, they'll torment me, no one will see, the pain I'm in.
6.9 billion messages, were left for me to listen to.
From now on, they're repeating, resounding strong, within my mind.

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