28 April 2012

Nonsense Speaker (English Lyrics)

Song Author: nekobolo
Original Vocals: Miku Hatsune


My English Cover:

Inside my heart, my feelings stay,
But one by one, I'll kill them all.
The way I smile, throughout the days
Is just a mask to hide my tears.

I swallow the pain; the scars still grow,
It hurts, it hurts, but I won't tell.
For I knew along, that no one would,
ever, notice, my pain.

Your words you speak explicitly,
are like a poison, killing me.
I wonder if you'll ever see
My heart's been torn up silently?

My light is dimming, what a crime,
for it won't return, regardless of time.
If all I say is just a fib then I'm,
I'm a lie.

During the day, I'm all alone,
You're gone, you're gone, but that's alright.
You leave me with, a message in my heart,
of the scars that will not ever heal.

Your face is showing a smile at me,
It's nothing new for my eyes to see.
To forgive you, that just can't be
For this is my hearts' final plea.

I hear the words, "it hurts inside"
I wonder how I'd let that slide?
"I" feel like a "clown" who can only hide from the world,
Haha... haha...

At this
I left.
How am I?
How come?

The words you're screaming violently,
Their purpose only killing me.
Forgiving you I cannot see,
How can I even be me?

If this is want you really want,
Just end my life, end of this taunt.
For if all I say is a fib then I'm,
I'm a lie.
That's just that...

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