9 January 2012

MELT (English Lyrics)

Song Author: ryo
Original Vocals: Miku Hatsune


My English ~2M MIX~ Cover:

La la la la la la la la~

Early wake in the morning,
I find myself blushing a bright hot red,
I must've been dreaming of you.
The other day, got a haircut
Just so you'd ask me "Why'dya change the style?"
It's great to see you noticed me.

I throw on my best outfit and place a floral ribbon in my hair.
First step I take, I tell myself.
Today, I must show you how cute I can really be!

I'm MELTING! In sweet-ass passion from the heart!
But I'm too shy to admit, you are the one, I depend on.
You make my heart MELT, I can't even gaze in your eyes!
I wonder if I can ever get my feelings across to you...
It's so hard to just say 4 simple words...
You are the one.~
La la la la la la la la~

I wish I had some warning, about the melancholic, dark weather, now I'm stuck in the rain.
Could've bought an umbrella, but I couldn't help notice a girl leave with a sigh.
I'm guessing she was your girl, but I'll take my chance...

"Would it be alright to walk with you?" as you unfold your parasol.
I hope you never saw my face blushing red.
Guess that proves that I have fallen in love with you?

I'm MELTING! It's too much, I can hardly breathe!
Our hands are so close, my hearts feels like, it's gonna explode!
Who would've thought that this umbrella we have could make me glad?!
You are so close to me, I can feel your breathe. Oh what to do?!
I wish I could freeze this moment forever!

Tears are falling down my blushing red cheeks now.
I don't know if they'll stop.
But they make my heart beat so fast...
Is this reality?!

La la la la la la la~

I'm MELTING, the time has come for us to part.
I know we'll meet again, but until then, I'll feel alone.
You make me MELT, it's true! Please never let my love depart!
I'm already missing you, I cannot bare to say Goodbye...
I'd take your hands and kiss you, proveing my love...
No matter what.

La la la la la la la~