15 December 2011

Lynne (English Lyrics)

Song Author: Hachi
Original Vocals: Miku Hatsune


The voice of a black goat once whispered into my ear
"Don't fall back, the train is leaving; the white line's not your final stop."
Perched on the wall, a black cat questioned me,
"Where do you think you are headed for now? You cannot avoid death in this place!"

I grasp my wirst tightly to stop the red flow, I wander, out alone, I feel like I do not belong.
I catch the rain with my tongue; no taste at all. Will this last for long?

I long for your, love just, once more
The train sits at the platform; it will never depart.
Won't you tell me darlin', darlynne, my darlin'
Softly speak up in the wind... or at least I think you did.

A flower with no petals murmered sadly,
"I can't even feel, I no longer feel. The evening ahead will be so dull."
The moment when cicada's cry fades away,
The line begins to break, and I lash out, I don't wanna be held back by those signs.

Slowly the rough darkness begins to surface.
It's all showing now...

"My vision is blurred," the tears, they fall.
I am lost in my own mind, I can't find my feelings.
Can't you tell me darlin', darlynne, my darlin'
Where does the ringing fall, when you won't accept my calls?

The tightening, sudden heat, the belt digging in. It tears me up I'm, shattering, I can't escape.
Resounding, to the left, and to the right. the train track shrieking 'kan-kara-rindo'.

A creepy crow, it speaks to me,
"Do you realise you can never return again?
You always dreamt to be adult, there's no going back."

I'm begging for, your love, once more,
This lifelynne that I am in, has been shred to pieces.
So long to you, darlin', darlynne, my darlin'
I wished to be grown up, I've only myself to blame...

My mind won't stop thinking, crashing, I'm alone,
Can't forget the words I said, they'll forever haunt me.
So long to you, darlin', darlynne, my darlin'
I'll keep going down the tracks, in circles I may run

"Feel sorry for her soul, she's now walking with her feet..."

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  1. Whoa, your lyrics for this song is really good. *^* I want to use it and I'll credit you. I still wish that they still use video responses through... :/ Kinda sucks that they don't anymore