17 October 2015

Papermoon (Soul Eater OP - English Lyrics)

Original Artist: Tommy Heavenly6
Anime: Soul Eater


My English Cover:

I'm falling down into my shadow;
Holding onto my last breathe,
As I await the deadly night.

Have no fear,
Of the witch's craftings; it is just a pumpkin cart.
I can see terror festering in your eyes!

See you in your dreams
Yeah baby, even if we are trapped in this nightmare!

Fairy Blue, I’d do it all for you!
I’d smash the stars to dust,
And show them to the crowd,
Black Paper Moon!

All you gotta do is believe in me,
When you're lost "here" I am... "Forever" with your soul.

Raise your head and look up to the sky; I’m like a shining moon!

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